Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kids' Rooms on a Budget - Subtle Elegance

Courtesy of HGTV

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Summer is coming to a close; the perfect time to give your child a great back-to-school treat that is also a budget-friendly treat for you. The past two weeks we've shared some great ideas for your child's space. Are you ready to join us and transform your kids' rooms without breaking the bank; well you've come to the right place... Check out this stylish, yet inexpensive space. Mix the old with the new. RMSer chunkymonkey adds an old-fashioned touch with vintage paper doll artwork and a repainted sewing machine table. To complete the look, she sews plaid pillows, window treatments and even uses the leftover fabric to make the lampshades.

This space truly gives a new meaning to recycling, love it...

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