Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day!

Hi Friends,

Strong hands, Gentle heart, Quiet wisdom, Great love, these are the important things that make a Wonderful father.

Happy Father's Day!

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Friday, June 15, 2018

10 Gift Basket Ideas for the Food Lover in Your Life

Courtesy of Katie Meyers
Photography by Alexandra Frumberg, ALX Creatives

Hi Friends,

Present Dad with DIY food baskets loaded with a collection of his favorite items for Father's Day this year.

Click here to download the free printable Father's Day gift tags, and tie onto Dad's gift.

For the Italian Food Lover

For the man in your life who eats and breathes all things Italy, compile a mix of Italian-inspired foods including a fresh baguette from the local bakery, fresh basil, vine-ripe tomatoes, long-stemmed pasta noodles and his favorite blend of wine. Jazz up the presentation by adding in an oversized pasta dish, wooden serving spoons and a jar of olive oil, balsamic vinegar or sauce.

Homemade Pesto Jar

To enhance the Italian basket, surprise Dad with a jar of homemade pesto. To make, coarsely chop 2 cups basil, 2 garlic cloves and 1/4 cup pine nuts in food processor. Add 2/3 cups olive oil and blend until smooth. Season with salt and pepper after transferring to serving bowl. Mix in 1/2 cup freshly grated pecorino cheese.

For the Gourmet Chef

Show the king of cuisine how much you appreciate his efforts in the kitchen. Present him with a basket full of ingredients he's sure to take advantage of like specialty salts from a gourmet market, flavorful tasty herbs and a meat thermometer. Encourage him to take a night off from cooking by ordering a gift card to a place he'll be traveling to this summer or to his favorite local restaurant.

For the Health Nut

Customize a delicious basket for the health-conscious man in your life. Whether he is gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy free or a champion of overall wellness, keep him on a healthy path with homemade granola bars and fruits, mixed nuts or even wheatgrass for his morning smoothie.

For the Caffeine Lover

If Dad needs a cup of joe to function throughout the day, give him coffee-related items for an extra jolt. Surprise him with a French press, espresso cups, creamer and a mini frother. Don't forget necessities like whole bean or ground coffee, biscotti and mini breakfast cakes to enjoy on Father's Day morning.

Wrapped Biscotti

For a presentation reminiscent of a quaint coffee restaurant or cafe, wrap store-bought biscotti in parchment paper and tie with twine and a tag.

For the Cocktail Lover

Set Dad up with the fixings to create a cocktail to toast to on Father's Day. Liquors such as specialty whiskey or craft beers, garnishes like fresh fruit or maraschino cherries and liqueurs or flavored syrups are the perfect way to celebrate him.

For the Breakfast Lover

Start his day off right with treats presented in baking dishes and mixing bowls that are sure to get plenty of use in the years ahead. Fill them with sweet muffin mix, new coffee mugs, a spatula, freshly-squeezed orange juice filled with raspberries and bagels from the local bakery.

For the Cheese Connoisseur

Gift your turophile (cheese connoisseur) with a slate or marble cheese board and a collection of nibbles such as meats, cheeses and cheese markers, olives, jams or spreads and fresh rosemary sprigs, and present them in an old vintage wooden cheese box he'll love to receive for future cheese consumption.

For the Spice Lover

Fire up Dad's taste buds by giving him a basket full of fire-inspired ingredients such as spices, peppers, jalapeños, hot sauce and spicy mustard that he can add to each meal. Make it extra special by giving him homemade roasted nuts seasoned with cayenne pepper and various spices.

You get the general idea if these are not spot on...

Bon Appétit!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

10 Father's Day Must-Haves for All the Glam Dads

Courtesy of Katie Friedman

Hi Friends,

His eyeliner's so sharp that it could cut like a knife, his highlight's always on fleek and he never goes to bed without moisturizing. (Because hi, hydrated skin is everything.) Or maybe he enjoys styling his beard, getting a massage or just soaking in the tub after a long day at the office. -iStock/BraunS

Either way, your dad is a gem and it's about time he shined with the best of 'em. This year, show him the star-studded treatment with a Father's Day that will leave him feeling refreshed and glamorous.

1: Birchbox Subscription


Literally the gift that keeps on giving, a Birchbox subscription is perfect for dads who love online shopping. Every month, a neat little package will arrive at his door, complete with four top-shelf grooming products and one lifestyle item. He'll get a kick out of having all the best brands right at his fingertips.

$20 a month,

2: Bath Bomb + Bubble Bar


We have to agree with Lush on this one; not all superheroes wear capes, but they do deserve to unwind at the end of a long day. Encourage your hard-working hero to enjoy a little R+R with a limited-edition Superdad bath bomb or Modfather bubble bar.


3: DreamDuo Face Mask


Beauty YouTubers like Jaclyn Hill and MannyMUA swear by GlamGlow's facial treatments, and for good reason. In just two steps, the DreamDuo mask soothes the skin and recharges it for a glowing complexion. Gift this to your dad and he'll feel as revitalized as the stars in no time.


4: The Perfect Shave Pack


If your dad relishes a clean shave, then he'll get daily use out of this kit from Anthony. With four premium products, the bundle eliminates the burns of shaving so Dad can enjoy a professionally-pampered face.


5: Bleu de Chanel Cologne


Some fathers defy convention, so they need a scent that complements their bold style. We recommend Bleu de Chanel, whose blend of citrus and woods is at once unexpected yet subtle. Your dad won't be able to resist the fresh fragrance or its dramatic packaging.


6: Solstice Highlighting Palette

Sleek MakeUP

Another Holy Grail good among beauty influencers, this palette by Sleek MakeUP boasts four tried-and-true metallic hues. With a dust of these on his cheeks, your dad's guaranteed to get the luminous glow he's been waiting for.


7: Modern Ring


Don't forget the accessories! Accentuate Dad's wow-worthy wardrobe with a Soko Horn Line Ring from Fossil. Hand-cast from brass, this piece will add a chic touch to his set of stackables.


8: Matte Black Sunglasses

Quay Australia

Of course, a great outfit is only complete with a pair of chic sunglasses. Treat your style icon to a new set of matte black shades that will both protect his eyes and enhance his street style.


9: Faux-Leather Shoe Bag


Speaking of stylish must-haves, a frequent traveler would love this faux-leather shoe bag. With a wipe-clean lining and an easy-carry strap, this case will make journeying through airports a breeze and protect your dad's favorite dress shoes and sneaks.


10: Spa Day


Listen, if you've willingly devoted your life to parenting another human, you deserve a little rest and relaxation. Send your sweet old man off to the spa for a day packed with facials, pedicures and a massage. Better still? Meet him there and enjoy quality catch-up time together.

Because Dad definitely deserves a day to slay...

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

12 Thoughtful + Unique Gifts (Based on Zodiac Signs)

Courtesy of Maria Conti

Hi Friends,

Here's the Zodiac Gift Guide...


Photo By: Crate & Barrel

(March 21- April 19) Ah, Aries—the zodiac’s lovers of shiny new gadgets and adventurous experience. Cover all your bases and gift them with this Crate & Barrel’s drool-worthy 11-Piece Copper Fondue Set. These fiery spirits enjoy the spotlight and will love showing off their ultra-trendy copper kitchen gear to friends and family alike. $120.00; Crate & Barrel


Photo By: Nordstrom

(April 20- May 20) Gift them with the signature sips they love and wrap up Simon and Schuster's The Essential New York Times Recipe Book. With nearly 500 pages to flip through, this book offers countless classic cocktail recipes that any traditional Taurean will appreciate. $29.95;


(May 21- June 20) "Double the trouble is double the fun"—that is, as far as Gemini are concerned. Represented by twins, Gemini are chatty, social butterflies that never say no to a night on the town. A gift they are sure to get mileage out of? This coquettish cocktail napkin, just as cheeky as their personalities. $38; Waiting on Martha


Photo By: Anthropologie

(June 21- July 22) Cancers are happiest when cozied up at home with friends and family. The gift they’ll love? A set of lariat hanging frames, complete with prints of your favorite captured moments together. The classic design and neutral colors ensure that these frames will stand the test of time, meaning that Cancers will always have their loved ones hanging nearby. $38.00; Anthropologie


Photo By: Jonathan Adler

(July 23- August 22) Leo boasts the bold, self-confident spirits of the zodiac. What better gift for the self-loving Leos, then, than one that incorporates their impressive lion symbol? We’re confident that these regal fire signs would appreciate this posh needlepoint pillow by Jonathan Adler. A lion tail adds a flirty touch, while a proper crown completes the regal design. $98; Jonathan Adler


Photo By: Williams-Sonoma

(August 23- September 22) Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac. With high-standards and particular tastes, Virgos are especially intimidating to shop for. So what is the perfect gift for a perfectionist? Our bet is placed on this gorgeous Williams-Sonoma Marble Wine Chiller. It gifts these earth signs the ability to serve their most prized whites at their intended, proper temperature. A perfectly chilled pour, to the very last drop. $59.95; Williams-Sonoma


Photo By: Wayfair

(September 23- October 22) Libras head the good-vibe tribe and always look for peace and harmony in their lives. Gift them a reflection of their own positivity with these funky, gold metallic hand figurines. Perfect for dressing up a foyer or styling a bookshelf, these decorative digits are sure to earn you a smile and two thumbs-up from any Libra pal. $37.47; Wayfair


Photo By: Waiting on Martha

(October 23- November 21) Scorpios are known no-nonsense personalities and an incessant need for control in whatever situation they find themselves in. Gift them a trinket they can appreciate with this glossy, ceramic catchall. It features a cheeky quote from Mark Twain that aligns with these fire sign’s zero-tolerance policy for dishonesty. Even better? They can put it just about anywhere and use it for just about anything. $45.00; Waiting on Martha


Photo By: Modcloth

(November 22- December 21) Sagittarius are known for their never-ending wanderlust and constant need for adventure. Add an extra dose of fun to their travels with this Carry-On Cocktail Kit from Modcloth. It comes complete with a fool-proof recipe, all the mixer essentials and even a linen coaster—all the Sagittarians need to do is pick their favorite booze! $24; W&P Design


Photo By: One Kings Lane

(December 22- January 19) Capricorn pride themselves on practicality and having a strong work ethic. So what’s the perfect (and totally pragmatic) gift to wrap up for one of these busy-bees? We love this sleek acrylic phone dock that doubles as a ruler. $16.00; One Kings Lane


Photo By: Jonathan Adler

(January 20- February 18) Shopping around for an ever-eclectic Aquarius? Look no further—the Muse Blanc Ceramic Candle by Jonathan Adler is here to deliver. This candle gives off a crisp, floral scent as it burns and features sculpted faces reminiscent of the Classics. A guaranteed source of inspiration for these artistic air-signs. $78.00; Jonathan Adler


Photo By: Anthropologie

(February 19- March 20) Pisces are innately intuitive, empathetic and tend to go above and beyond to bring their loved ones a sense of comfort. Gift them with a dose of their own medicine and wrap them up in this luxurious, roped fringe throw blanket, courtesy of Anthropologie. This blanket will bring the Pisces fish back into their element with saturated, water-inspired indigo color and ultra-soft threading. $78; Anthropologie

The stars can make shopping so much easier, you guys. ..

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to Celebrate Dad (Based on His Astrological Sign)

Courtesy of Maria Conti

Hi Friends,

Picking out the perfect gift for Father’s Day is tricky. Tricky, but not impossible. The secret to providing a pops-worthy present? Start with his sign and you’ll be on the right track. As luck would have it, I’ve got just the little guide you need to help you through your Dad’s Day planning.

The Gemini Dad

Erik Meadows Photography

(May 21 — June 20)
Gemini are always on the hunt for new experiences, and Gemini Dads are no exception. Feed into his curiosity by attending a food and drink festival. He’ll love spending the day tasting and trying new flavors with his kids by his side.

The Cancer Dad

Martin Poole

(June 21 — July 22)
Cancer Dads are the zodiac’s quintessential family men, and they want nothing more than to feel needed by their children. The ideal FD afternoon for a Cancer dad? Cook up his all-time favorite meal and ask for his expertise and helping hand on the DIY project you’ve been procrastinating on.

The Leo Dad

The Leading Hotels Of The World

(July 23 — August 22)
Leos are known for their pride, but Leo fathers bring a whole new meaning to pride when it comes to their offspring. Gift them with the opportunity to show you off to their peers by reserving a table at a see-and-be-seen restaurant downtown, or spend the afternoon at the country club golf course. They consider their lion cubs to be their greatest accomplishment and will delight in the opportunity to celebrate their fatherhood.

The Virgo Dad

(August 23 — September 22)
The Virgo Dad is a giver, a fixer and a problem-solver that finds joy in serving others. The attention does not have to be on this sign to properly celebrate them. In fact, they prefer for their kiddos to shift their energy from him, to instead, prioritizing others. Celebrate through service with your Virgo dad. He’ll enjoy the afternoon with you volunteering at the animal shelter, planting the neighborhood garden or even delivering meals to the elderly.

The Libra Dad

(September 23 — October 22)
Balance is key with your Libra Dad, guys. Look back on Mother’s Day — did he go all-out for Mom? If so, it will be in your best interest to reciprocate. Libras seek balance by putting out their innermost desires into the world, hoping that they will come back to them in return. If Pops provided Mom with an ultra-elegant dinner, you’ll want to do the same. Show him that he is equally as important to your family and equally deserving of recognition.

The Scorpio Dad

(October 23 — November 21)
Ah, the Scorpio Dad. I doubt I need to tell you this, but a Scorpio is happiest when he is in complete and total control. Planning for a Father’s Day surprise? Scratch that from your agenda. Instead, offer to foot the bill for however your pops wants to celebrate his day. Give him the control he loves so much, and you’re guaranteed to provide him with a satisfying, sentimental day.

The Sagittarius Dad

Jacob Ammentorp Lund/

(November 22 — December 21)
A Sag dad loves to flirt with Lady Luck. What better way to do just that than with a visit to the casino? Provide Dad with a little play money and spend an afternoon with the slots. He’ll be elated and with the ruling planet of Jupiter (planet of luck) on his side. He might just make a pretty pile of pennies by the end of the day.

The Capricorn Dad

(December 22 — January 19)
The Capricorn Dad will appreciate the classic go-to gifts more than any other sign in the zodiac. Go ahead and gift him a silk necktie, dress socks or a shiny, leather briefcase over Sunday brunch. The zodiac’s notorious workhorses will adore the practicality, functionality and, most importantly, sentimentality that comes with these gifts.

The Aquarius Dad

Luke1138/iStock/Getty Images

(January 20 — February 18)
Aquarian Dads are lovers of all things fresh, new and untapped — and they want to experience it all with you. Take Pops to the new art exhibit in town, listen to live, local music or sign up for a class to learn a new skill together.

The Pisces Dad

Tuck Fauntleroy

(February 19 — March 20)
Pisces are personal, sensitive and involved Dads and with them, the thought really does count. Show them you care by bringing them back to a place that holds sentimental feelings for your family. He’ll be so touched by your personal attention to details and will love creating new memories at an old, special place.

The Aries Dad

Darren McGee, NYS Dept. of Economic Development

(March 21 — April 19)
Celebrate the youthful, Aries Dad through a bit of healthy competition. Together, sign up for a foot-race or attend an adrenaline-filled day at the race track. Place your bets and see who comes out a winner. (My prediction is on Pops.)

The Taurus Dad

James Angus and Jamie Bolton, The Cavender Diary

(April 20 — May 20)
The Taurus Dad knows what he likes, what he wants and once he's established his favorite things in life, it's very rare that he wavers from them. The key here? Capitalize on his hobbies and provide a high-quality gift that enhances that experience. For a woodworking Taurus, gift that quality set of tools he’s been eyeing for a few months. A wine lover? Provide him with a bottle he’d never splurge on for himself. Still not sure what to spring for? He does. Go ahead and stick some cash in a sappy card. He'll be happy to spend it on exactly what he wants.

Not every Dad wants a tie (again) this year...

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