Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Harvest Table with A Touch of Glitz

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Fabian

Happy Thanksgiving Friends,

Thanksgiving is a great time to decorate a table with elements from the garden. Balance the sparkle of metallic with natural elements, like fall branches or fresh fruit, for a sophisticated look. Your Thanksgiving table can incorporates natural elements with the gleam of copper, gold and silver.

The holidays are time to be with family and friends. Hosts a big dinner, with all the table decorations from your garden. The first step is searching for leaves. Kids like to help with this part. The trick is finding leaves with the best color and shape. To preserve the leaves, layer them between newspaper with a paperweight on top. You can also use a telephone book. Press them for about two weeks.

Placemats: Use round pieces of cardboard, which you can get from a pizza shop. Make sure they're clean and unused. Spray-paint the cardboard gold. (You may want to go outside for better ventilation.) Brush the lower half of a leaf with white glue diluted with water, and gently place the leaf on the outer edge of the mat. Go around the mat overlapping with each leaf. Come back with the glue and secure the leaves that are overlapping.

Place Cards: Pick up some small paper mache boxes from the craft store. Spray-paint the outsides gold. Put glue all over one side of a leaf and glue it to the bottom of the box. Use the same procedure to add a leaf to the top of the box. Let it dry thoroughly. Use a calligraphy pen to write the name of the guest on the top of the box. Then fill the box with nuts, mints or candy.

Votive Candle: You'll need some plain glass votives and rice paper (available at art supply stores), glue wash and a leaf. Coat the entire outer edge of the votive with glue using a brush. Press the leaf gently at an angle on the votive. Cut a piece of rice paper wider than the votive and wrap it around the votive. Glue wash the rice paper down.

Napkins: Roll up a napkin, and tie raffia around it. Leave a generous length of raffia and attach leaves at the base of it. When set on the table, it looks like leaves blowing in the wind.

Centerpiece: Take a pie-size pumpkin and spray-paint it gold (again, outside for ventilation). Slice a piece out of the side and stuff it with berries and grapevines.

Great ideas for not only Thanksgiving but the entire Fall season.

Check back for more ideas and enjoy your Thanksgiving harvest table with family and friends.

Wishing you all the timeless treasures of the season; the warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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