Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snowflake-Embellished Table Runner

Courtesy of Layla Palmer

Hi Friends,

Add a frosty touch to your holiday table with this easy-to-create felt snowflake table runner.

Materials Needed:
6-8 pieces of stiff, white felt
craft knife
hot glue gun and glue sticks
various-sized paper snowflake patterns (printed from your computer)
burlap table runner

Lay Out Felt
Determine the number of snowflakes needed by laying out several pieces of stiff felt on your tabletop.

Trace and Cut Out Snowflakes
Use a pen to trace the shape of several different snowflakes onto the felt (Image 1), then cut out using scissors and a craft knife (Image 2).

Attach Snowflakes
Play with the position of snowflakes on runner by trying various layouts. When you're happy with the arrangement, attach corners and centers of snowflakes to burlap with small dots of hot glue.

Domed Centerpiece

Now let's talk centerpiece. An easy, budget-friendly addition created with items around your home. Simply take an everyday domed cake plate and add holiday greenery, pinecones and candles or embellish with ornaments. Think outside the box and use your creativity, personalize your centerpiece with items that have meaning to you and your family.

The sky is the limit...

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