Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jute-Covered Monogram Wreath

Courtesy of Chelsea McDonnough

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Personalize your door for fall with this gorgeous DIY craft-store wreath. Although this is designed for fall, some minor adjustments will transition this right into the Holidays. Replace the Rosettes with Holly or Poinsettias and the black ribbon with red or green ribbon and VoilĂ ; it's your favorite Holiday wreath.

Materials Needed:
  • 12" paper mache letter (available at craft supply stores) 
  • 2 rolls of jute twine 
  • felt 
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun 
  • scissors

Attach Jute
Start by securing the jute on the back side of the letter with a glue gun. You'll eventually wrap the entire letter, horizontally.

Start Wrapping
Next, start to vertically wrap it around that section of the N. Put a dab of glue every so many inches to secure the jute to the letter.

Wrap in the Opposite Direction
After wrapping the section of the N vertically, begin wrapping in the opposite direction with the other roll of jute. Secure the jute with glue every 5 to 6 rows.

Work in Sections
Stop once you get to the corner where the slanting part meets the straight part of the N. Then, start wrapping the middle part of the N with the other roll of jute.

Wrap Horizontally
Then, wrap the other side of the N. Go over the middle to make it horizontal like the two other sides to make it look more uniform.

Attach Rosettes
When you finish wrapping the letter, make three felt rosettes (search Google video for "felt rosette tutorial" to find instructions). You can also make two bows with the ribbon, then attach everything with a glue gun, including ribbon on the back to hang.

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