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How to Make a Balloon Arch and Balloon Columns Without Helium!

Balloon Arch

Balloon Columns

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Let me begin with a special thank you to tacefadmin for these easy-to-follow instructions on the art of making balloon arches. I'm confident we will all have fun and share the experience with friends and family; thank you!

Balloon arches are festive stage decorations at birthday parties and other events. Balloon arches are normally created using helium inflated balloons forming a shape like an arch. Because helium is costly, you may need to find alternative options on how to make a balloon arch without helium. Creating a huge balloon arch will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can use a regular air-filled balloon and a frame to support the top of the arch. Learning how to make a balloon arch without helium will enable you to create a beautiful and festive stage decoration or entry for events, parties, and other occasions.

What are the Things that You Need?
  • PVC Connector
  • 2 Pieces 10ft long PVC Pipes with 1/2-Inch diameter
  • Drill
  • PVC Glue
  • Two Wood Blocks, 2-Inch thick each
  • Balloons
You can also use metal or wood as a frame for your balloon, but these materials are expensive and heavy. You may need to use additional materials to hold up the weight of the frame, which can cost you more. PVC pipes are lightweight and inexpensive, and you can still use them after the balloon arch is not needed anymore.

Steps on How to Create a Balloon Arch without Helium

1. Attach the ten-ft long PVC pipes together using the PVC pipe connector. Make sure to put glue on the connector prior to adjoining the two pipes to ensure that they will not pop apart from one another.

2. Make a 1/2-inch hole at the center of the woodblocks. Get the PVS pipes and insert the both ends to the hole of the wood blocks. Make sure to put glue on the hole before inserting the pipes to ensure that they are kept in place and will not pop apart.

3. Bend the PVC pipes to form an arch. You can use sandbags or any similar weights on both ends of the arch so that it will not tip over.

4. Now that you have the arch, you can start working on the balloons. Blow up 2 balloons with regular air and tie them up closely. Tie the ends of both balloons together and you now have a double regular-air filled balloon, and attach it to the arch. Repeat creating double balloons until there’s enough to cover up the arch.

5. Attach the double balloons on the frame of the arch. Wrap the entire arch frame with the double balloons that you made. Do not forget to twist them simultaneously to ensure that they are securely attached on the frame. Do this step again with the other double balloons until you finally make a balloon arch.

Also, you can use an air compressor to inflate the balloons. This will help improve the speed of your project instead of blowing them up using a regular air pump. Aside from that, you can also adjust the length of the PVC pipe. You can increase its length or decrease its length depending on the size of the balloon arch that you want to create.

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Spring in the air and Summer on the way, it's the perfect time to dazzle your friends and family with your new talent at the next event...

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