Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flag Cake

Courtesy of Big Lots

Hi Friends,

Show off that red, white and blue! Your guests are sure to be impressed by this patriotic masterpiece and you’ll be impressed by how easy it is to make.

What you’ll need:
• 9” round cake pan
• Mixing bowl
• Spatulas
• 4 classic white boxes of cake mix
• Red and blue food coloring
• Creamy vanilla frosting
• Knife

How it’s done:
1. Mix cake as instructed on box.
2. Bake two cakes with red food coloring, one cake with blue food coloring, and one cake with no food coloring.
3. Once baked and cooled, cut the red and white cakes in half length-wise to create 6 thinner layers. You will have one layer of red cake left over.
4. Cut a 5” circle in the blue cake, one of the white cakes and one of the red cakes.
5. Layer the cakes: 9” red on bottom, followed by 9” white, 9” red. Add the blue outer ring, then layer 5” white, then 5” red.
6. Once layered, cover with white frosting and serve.

Have a Happy 4th and enjoy this patriotic dessert with family and friends!

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