Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quick, I Need a Centerpiece!

By: Michelle Edgemont
From: Lazy Entertainer
Photography By: Brklyn View Photography LLC

Hi Friends,

Those beautiful vegetables in the produce section of your local market with the greens still attached are inexpensive and a natural way to bring organic color to your tabletop. Find clear hurricane vases or tall glasses in a variety of sizes, fill with water, and place vegetables inside.

Here are carrots, radishes, kale, bok choy, and artichokes, but experiment with what your supermarket or farmers' market has in stock. Plus, you can add these veggies to your weekly menu after the party is over.

Another easy DIY option that's not flowers is this Charcuterie Centerpiece.

You're already having a party, so why not use the appetizer as part of the decor! Start with one or two long, thin trays. Place a few types of cheese, two types of meat, dried apricots, grapes, nuts, and breadsticks to completely fill the trays. Some dried orange slices are placed underneath the trays for a pop of color.

Find what's fresh and use the Farmers' Market as inspiration but most off all don't be afraid to experiment and share them with us; look forward to hearing from you...

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