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Korean-Inspired All-Beef Hot Dog Recipe

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It’s nearly Memorial Day, that means it’s likely the temperature will be rising. With the sun out, it’s time to fire up the grill for your favorite summer bites – like these Korean-inspired Hot Dogs, featuring Hebrew National® All-Beef Franks.

Made with 100 percent premium, kosher beef, Hebrew National® All-Beef Franks are the crème de la crème of hot dogs. They have a satisfying, feisty snap and a robust, meaty flavor, with no artificial flavors, colors or by-products. As a bonus, they’re also gluten-free. Hebrew National prides itself on using premium beef, choosing only the finest cuts for its All-Beef Franks. They may cost a little more than some other brands, but the extra quality is worth paying for.

If you have a grill, by all means, grill away, but if you’re living in an apartment, the oven is the next best thing. Line a baking tray with parchment paper then spread the dogs out in a single layer. Score the top with a knife so they don't split when cooking. In just a few minutes the franks are plump, juicy and ready to be topped. To evoke a little char, fire up the next best thing to a grill – the broiler.

For a touch of Korean flavor, mix up an easy, two-ingredient sauce featuring chile sauce, gochujang. The gourmands at Bon Appetit named it the sriracha of 2016. Made from dried, fermented Korean chiles, it’s spicy, savory and a little sweet. If you haven’t tried it, rush out to your nearest Asian grocery store RIGHT NOW. Mixed half-and-half with ketchup, it’s the perfect accompaniment to Hebrew National® All-Beef Franks.

A hot dog isn’t complete without some sauerkraut, so the final touch on my Asian-style franks is some spicy pickled kimchi. Also spelled kimchee, or gimchi, kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made from fermented vegetables and spices.

Toast some buns under the broiler, letting them get a little charred for that great grill flavor. Nestle in the dogs, slather on some gochujang-tomato sauce and a whole lot of spicy kimchi. With a touch of sweetness, a lot of spice and a satisfying snap from Hebrew National® All-Beef Franks, Korean-inspired Hot Dogs pack all the tastes of summer into one satisfying bite.

Here's the Korean-Inspired All-Beef Hot Dog Recipe

Prep Time:   5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

Korean-style ingredients add a fresh summer flavor to traditional all-American beef franks.

Author: Lexi
Cuisine: Main Dish
Recipe type: American

Serves: 7 servings

  • 1 (12) ounce package of Hebrew National® All-Beef Franks
  • ½ cup gochujang chile paste
  • ½ cup tomato ketchup
  • 1 cup kimchi or sauerkraut
  • 1 package (7 buns) hot dog buns
  1. Heat hot dogs according to package directions. For oven-roasted dogs, heat oven to 400 degrees. Place hot dogs in a single-layer on a parchment- or foil-lined baking tray. Score each dog 3-4 times with a sharp knife. Roast 15-20 minutes. For charred flavor, remove tray after just before cooking time is up, heat broiler and broil 1-2 minutes, or until desired color.
  2. To make Korean-tomato sauce, mix equal parts gochujang and tomato ketchup. Gently toast hot dog buns, if desired. Place hot dogs into buns and top with sauce and kimchi. Serve immediately.
"What makes a Hebrew National kosher hot dog premium? It’s all about what makes the cut (And what doesn’t). We’re choosy about what goes into our franks – we use only premium cuts of 100% kosher beef from the front half of the cow and then choose the best from that. No artificial flavors, colors, fillers or by-products. When your hot dog is kosher, that’s a hot dog you can trust!"

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