Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make Your Duvet Cover

Hi Friends,

Stop! Don't think about paying those outrageous prices at the "so-called" discount linen stores when you can make the same luxurious bedding for a fraction of the cost. Go Contemporary, Eclectic, Mediterranean, Modern, Romantic, Traditional, Tropical, Asian or even English Country. Use bold colors or warm earth tones, it's up to you.

Go the extra mile and recycle those unused draperies or the fabric you bought last year and never started your project. It will save you money and reduce your Carbon Footprint. Win, Win, right? Below are the instructions from start to finish, happy sewing:


1. Cut two fabric panels to the size of a sheet.

2. Cut one panel in half lengthwise and sew a piece to either side of the other one.

3. Put right sides of the fabric and sheet together and sew around the sides and bottom.

4. Turn and press.

5. Sew coordinating ribbons to the back and front of the duvet cover at the desired intervals.

6. Slip the duvet inside and tie the ribbons together to secure the top end.

Simple, right!

Check back for more ideas and enjoy your new bedding.

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