Friday, August 7, 2009

Living Rooms For Living

Hi Friends,

Today the living room is no longer that no-touch room in our homes. We use every inch of our space and its about time. Gone are the days of our grandparents where there was a no-touch policy and everything in the room was immaculate. Our living room is just that, a room we live in on a daily basis.

Living rooms can be elegant yet comfortable. The above room is a perfect example of a comfortable room for entertaining and at the same time a place to watch movies with the family. Over-sized sofas arranged around a fireplace, ideal for conversations with friends or a cup of coffee in the morning. Replace the mirror with a plasma television above the fireplace and there will be no mistaking the focal point of your room.

Remember, include things in your room that make you feel good and keep the number of items in your room to a minimum. A cluttered room equates to a cluttered mind, keep it minimal. Besides, the more in the room the more to clean, right? Less is More!

Check back for more ideas and enjoy your living room.

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