Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Romance the Bedroom Series: Week 1

Romantic Bedroom Series Week 1Hello Friends,

Over the next 12 weeks we are going to focus on romancing your bedrooms. It's definitely something that we think about but never have or make the time to execute. To that end, we are going to take control and create romantic, comforting spaces for ourselves with the help of our expert, Caren Baginski. Hope you enjoy the series!

If your boudoir could use a boost, find some inspiration here and create your own romantic retreat — whether you dream of a lavish suite or prefer beautiful on a budget you can accomplish your goal.

In the first week of our series we are going to be a little dramatic with wall color. When you enter this bedroom, you'll notice the bold green walls first and then the bed takes center stage. Want your own sexy, stylish bedroom? Start with the bed, it makes a perfect focal point in any bedroom. If you need some inspiration, visit your local bedding or department store. Displays are ideal to get your creative juices flowing.

Check back for more decorating ideas and enjoy your romantic retreat.

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