Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Romance the Bedroom Series: Week 4

Romantic Bedroom Series Week 4Hi Friends,

Welcome back and thank you for joining us again to continue our Romance the Bedroom Series and a special thank you to Caren Baginski. We hope that you are getting some great ideas from us to change your space. This is probably going to be our most popular week in the series as it's done on a budget. We all enjoy saving money, right. Well you will definitely sleep easy knowing you created this romantic retreat on a budget.

A beautiful bedroom doesn't have to be expensive. Mix flea market finds with sumptuous, new bedding and carpet to create a cozy space that feels as if it has a rich, romantic past. Don't allow your space to age you prematurely, take control of your space, you will be surprised and even exceed your expectations for your bedroom at a cost that will romance your wallet.

Consider adding a chandelier for a light fixture that makes a statement and creates a mood. Treat yourself to a Luxurious Bedroom Retreat and then a night on the town with all the money you save.

Check back for more decorating ideas in our 5th week and take a trip to the flea market this weekend.

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Live well,

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