Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Places to Find Color Inspiration

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Designer David Bromstad shares some of his favorite places to go for color inspiration, which can sometimes be the most unexpected and unusual places. Think outside the box, come up with some ideas of your own for great inspiration; you will be surprised...

Get Outside
Nature is the most amazing place for color inspiration, since each season offers different and amazing color combinations. The warmth of the summer and fall, the cool colors of winter and the fresh hues of spring are the perfect examples of Mother Nature's work. Color doesn't just exist in the growth of nature, but in every aspect. A stormy sky against fall leaves is unbelievable, while a yellow rain jacket on a gray, rainy day is the perfect color combination for spring.

Go Shopping
Take a look at the fresh produce aisles at your grocery store. Nature went crazy with the most amazing and vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables. Grab a few of your favorite shades and see how you can make them work together in your home.

When walking through the mall, take note of the clothes on the racks. Also, pay attention to the interiors of the actual stores and the color choices they used to create their atmosphere.

Don't forget to check out your favorite home stores. Vases, dishware, rugs, pillows and artwork are huge sources of color information.

Read the Fine Print
The greatest color inspiration comes from fashion and magazines. First, it's the best way to stay on top of color trends and styles, since fashion is always the forefront of what then comes into interiors. If you see interesting color combinations on the runway or in a European magazine, they're sure to be in your favorite home store in the near future.

Take a Stroll
Getting inspired by color can also come from being in the midst of the city. Look at the materials used on buildings and how color affects the feel of the architecture. Check out the sidewalks and roads, which use various colors of gray and black combined with pops of white and yellow of the lines on the road. Translating this palette creates a surprisingly sophisticated interior.

All the colors you see in everyday life can be a part of your home. Carry a camera to take snapshots whenever you find the perfect combination. If you see something in a store that inspires you, pick it up and make it a part of your home.

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