Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make a Polka Dot Easter Bucket

Courtesy of Kim Stoegbauer
Photography by ten22 studio

Hi Friends,

Dress up plain galvanized buckets with spray paint and polka dots to give your kids the most stylish Easter egg "baskets" at the hunt.

Materials Needed: 
  • galvanized bucket 
  • white glossy spray paint 
  •  round foam brush 
  • craft paint

Spray Paint Bucket
Spray entire bucket white (Image 2); this will take several coats. Let paint dry in between coats.

Add Colorful Polka Dots Choose paint color and dip round foam brush into craft paint. Push round brush straight down onto surface of the bucket (Image 1). Allow to dry for approximately 2 hours before using (Image 2).

Your little ones will love this spin on the Easter Basket.

Enjoy the project and Happy Easter...

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