Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Make a Pumpkin Candy Dish...

Courtesy of Layla Palmer

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An artificial pumpkin and fall-themed fabric make a great container for Halloween treats.

Materials Needed:

medium or large artificial pumpkin
1/2 yard of burlap or any fall-themed fabric
X-Acto or pumpkin-carving knife
2 thumbtacks

1 yard of yarn or thin rope
Halloween candy

Pin Rope
Use a thumbtack to secure one end of a piece of yarn or rope to your pumpkin. It should be secured as close to the pumpkin's center as possible.

Create Center Line
Wrap the yarn or rope all the way around the pumpkin, making sure it stays as level as possible, and secure the other end of it with a thumbtack (Image 1). The two thumbtacks should sit right next to each other. Using the yarn or rope as a guide, draw a light pencil line all the way around the pumpkin (Image 2).

Cut Pumpkin
Remove the thumbtacks and yarn, then carefully cut the pumpkin in half with an X-Acto or pumpkin-carving knife. Tip: To make sure your pumpkin top lines up correctly with its base after it's cut, look for the large vertical seam found on one side of all artificial pumpkins. Line the base of the pumpkin with fabric or burlap, then fill with Halloween candy.

A project that is not only simple but awards your sweet tooth for all the not-so-hard work...

Happy Halloween from your friends at Interior Design!

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