Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vintage Sheet Music Handmade Christmas Card

By Marian Parsons

Hi Friends,

Christmas is our favorite time of year because we get to share all the great ideas for this festive season with all of you. It's December 1st and today it's all about the Christmas Card. Forget store-bought, mass-produced Christmas cards. Show folks on your list how special they are with this vintage-inspired handmade holiday card.

Materials Needed:
blank white 5" x 7" card
2 sheets of vintage sheet music
2 pieces of white 8-1/2" x 11" card stock
computer and printer
vintage Christmas card graphic (found online)
wrinkle-free glue stick
all-purpose craft glue
silver glitter

Cut Paper
Cut both pages of sheet music to 5" x 7". Scale vintage holiday graphic to 3" x 5", print onto 8-1/2" x 11" card stock and cut out. Measure and cut blank white card stock to create one 3" x 5" piece.

Glue Sheet Music
Apply wrinkle-free glue to back side of vintage sheet music and attach to front of card. Repeat process with second piece of sheet music, gluing it to the inside right flap of card.

Glue Graphic
Apply wrinkle-free glue to back side of vintage graphic printout. Center image on front of card and press in place. Repeat process with blank 3" x 5" card stock inside card.

Add Glitter
Run a bead of craft glue along border of vintage graphic. Sprinkle silver glitter onto glue and shake off excess. Repeat process around border of blank card stock on card's interior. Allow glue to dry before writing holiday greeting and placing finished card in envelope.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your crafting!

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