Thursday, June 8, 2017

Opt for Curves, Not Corners: "Feng Shui" Day 6 of 13

Courtesy of Leah Hennen

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If you're in the market for a new bedside table or other bedroom furniture, choose pieces with soft lines and curvilinear forms. "Square corners have too much pointed energy and can create a 'sharp' environment," explains Jayme. The "poison arrows" formed by right angles are thought to direct negative energy directly at your sleeping form, which can cause a feeling of uneasiness, experts say. If a new nightstand isn't in the cards, you can soften its corners by draping a piece of flowing fabric over the top or placing a healthy plant on top, leaves cascading over the corners.

Barrett says to limit what's on your nightstand to a lamp, a couple of inspirational books, a picture you love and a plant or fresh flowers, to create a "Zen" nightstand.

"Feng Shui" the summer away...

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