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11 Fun New Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Courtesy of HGTV
Photography by Marko Metzinger

Happy Easter Friends,

HGTV Magazine asked some of their favorite experts to dress up a plain ceramic Easter egg. See what they came up with. The HGTV Star Easter Egg Challenge begins; no dyeing allowed! Seen on the featured eggs here: Water Slide Temporary Tattoo Paper, $20 for 5 sheets,

How Each Egg Started

The HGTV stars all used these ceramic eggs. Eggnots, $16 for a set of 12,

Piñata by Chip Wade

Use a glue stick to attach a small crepe paper circle to the bottom of the egg. Cut different colors of crepe paper into 7" x 3/4" strips, then fringe one long side of each strip. Starting at the bottom, glue the strips around the egg, overlapping them until the whole egg is covered. Trim excess paper. Crepe paper: 81' crepe streamers in kiwi green, buttercup yellow, hot pink, and orange, $1 each,

Color Block by Jonathan Scott

Use electrical tape to section the egg in half vertically. Paint one half, then remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Once the paint is dry, reapply the tape, adding a horizontal piece. Paint the top quarter section of the egg, then peel off the tape. Repeat for the egg’s bottom quarter. Paint: Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface satin crafts paints in summer haze, poodle skirt, and jonquil, $2 for 2 ounces, Michaels stores.

Marker Drawing by Emily Henderson

Use a black marker to draw graphic doodles all over your egg.

Confetti by Jillian Harris

Use a small hole punch to make confetti from colored paper (bright Post-it Notes work well). Cover the egg with crafts glue using a foam brush. Sprinkle on confetti to cover it. Hole punch: 1/8" circle hole punch, $8,

Ombré Glitter by Meg Caswell

Use a foam brush to apply crafts glue to the top third of the egg. Spoon gold glitter over the glue. Once it’s dry, apply glue and a mix of gold and pink glitter to the middle third. Let dry, then apply glue and pink glitter to the bottom third. Glitter: Martha Stewart fine glitter in yellow gold and tourmaline, $5 for 1 1/2 ounces,

Daises by Hilary Farr

Snip daisy trim (you’ll need about half a yard) into individual flowers. Use a glue stick to attach the daisies to the egg. Trim: White and yellow 7/8" daisy trim, $6 per yard,

Gold Leaf by David Bromstad

Use a crafts knife and a straight edge to trim a long piece of electrical tape to 3/8" wide. Wrap the tape around the egg a few times, then apply gold leaf following the instructions on the packaging. Remove the tape. Gold leaf: Speedball Composition gold leaf kit, $11,

Bunny by Drew Scott

Cut ears out of white and pink felt, and glue the pink felt to the white. Attach the back of the ears to the sticky side of white sticker paper and cut them out, leaving tabs at the bottom. Bend back the tabs, then stick the ears to the egg so they stand up. Glue on thin white ribbon for a headband. Make eyes with beads and a nose with washi tape, and draw the mouth with a fine-tip marker.

Polka-Dot Fabric by Sabrina Soto

Cut out five petal-shaped pieces of fabric. (In order for the fabric to stretch around the egg, cut it on the bias.) Use a foam brush to apply crafts glue to one section of the egg, attach a petal, then repeat, overlapping the fabric slightly until the egg is covered. Fabric: Yuwa Honeycomb in yellow, $4.50 for 1/4 yard,

China Pattern by Tiffany Brooks

Use small scissors to cut designs from a blue and white napkin. (They don’t have to be perfect.) Separate the top layer of the napkin from the bottom. Use a paintbrush to apply a little matte Mod Podge to the egg, then attach the cutouts. Smooth with the paintbrush. Apply a topcoat of Mod Podge. Napkin: Try Caspari Bali paper napkins, $7.50 for a set of 20,

Stencil Letter by Cortney Novogratz

Put a sticker letter on the front of the egg, then use a foam pouncer to paint the entire egg. Carefully peel off the sticker while the paint is still wet. Letter: Headline 1" stick-on vinyl letters and numbers, $2.50 for a set,; Paint: Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface satin crafts paint in raspberry ice, $2 for 2 ounces, Michaels stores.

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