Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Make an Edible Easter Terrarium

Courtesy of Melissa Caughey

Happy Easter Friends,

I thought that it would be fun to craft something garden inspired for the Easter table. I was inspired on a trip to a local retailer where I discovered edible Easter grass! Who knew such a thing existed? My creative wheels began to turn: a completely edible Easter terrarium would be perfect. Now, if only those bunny ears will last until Easter.

  • Decorative glass jars
  • English toffee-chopped into small pieces
  • Oreo cookies-creme centers removed and broken into fine pieces
  • Edible Easter grass
  • Chocolate bunnies
  • Ice cream cones
  • Jelly beans
  • Candy eggs
You can also create smaller personalized edible terrariums such as a hen on a nest to use as party favors, place settings at your Easter table, or treats for family and friends.

What will you create?

Below are the step-by-step instructions for these edible terrariums.

Easter Terrarium How-To...

Easter Centerpieces

These charming centerpieces make for a wonderful holiday centerpiece or a delightful alternative to an Easter basket for a child.

Layer Your Terrarium

Add the chopped up English toffee to mimic gravel. Next add the crushed Oreos for dirt.

Plant the Grass

Add a bit of the edible Easter grass. This variety tastes like green sour apple.


Small speckled caramel candies are perfect for robin's eggs.

Get Creative

An ice cream cone with the bottom removed looks like an Easter basket. It is just the perfect size to fill with candies.

Choose Your Bunny

Keep in mind the size of your glass jar when you are selecting the perfect bunny.

Choose Your Flavors

With so many varieties of Easter candy available, the sky is the limit. Get creative!

Nesting Hen Easter Treat

For a spin on the edible terrarium, make a smaller version featuring this sweet nesting hen, a great option for a party where you need to make multiple treats.

Gather Your Supplies

For each treat you will need: 1 wide mouth pint canning jar/ 1 large chocolate covered peanut butter egg / edible Easter grass / malted milk candy eggs / 1 sugar chick / garden twine / scissors / label / and a marker.

Add Dirt

Place the chocolate peanut butter egg into the bottom of the jar.

Build a Nest

Form a small clump of edible Easter grass and add that to the jar.

Add Eggs

Top the grass nest off with a few colorful malted milk eggs.

Mama Hen

Top the nest off with a hen to sit upon the eggs.

Tie it Up

Cut a length of garden twine and tie it around the rim of the jar. Next tie on the label with the wording of your choice.

A Peeping Treat

Your sweet treat is now ready to share with friends and family. I wonder how long they can resist the temptation?

Delight your family and friends with an entirely edible Easter arrangement...

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