Thursday, May 3, 2018

Make a Ribbon-Embellished Mother's Day Card

Courtesy of Kim Stoegbauer

Hi Friends,

Dress up our free printable Mother's Day card template with a sweet ribbon bow. Materials Needed: Print Card Template

Gather supplies and download and print the free Mother's Day card template.

Trim Card Template

Use scissors or a paper cutter to trim card just inside the dashed line. Fold in half, or use a scoring board and bone folder to create a perfect fold at five inches.

Add Ribbon and Finish Card

Cut a strip of ribbon the width of the front of the card. Use hot glue to adhere to the card.

To create bow tie, cut a strip of ribbon, loop both sides and adhere both ends in the center (overlapping), using hot glue. Cut a short length of ribbon to wrap around the looped ribbon for the center of the bow and secure with hot glue. Use hot glue to attach the finished bow tie to the ribbon strip on the front of the card. Then, add a personal Mother's Day message and present to Mom.

Mothers will enjoy, appreciate and feel so special that you took the time to make them a card.

For that special touch, on the back include "Hand-made by (and insert you name)...

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