Tuesday, June 19, 2018

7 Apps to Get You Outside + Moving This Summer

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When it’s sunny and 75(+++) outside, we're left with very few explanations (ahem, excuses) that make spending our days as couch potatoes and scrolling through our phones socially acceptable. No squandering sunshine this summer, friends!

There’s no time like the present to get off the couch and surprise, surprise — there’s an app for that! It’s time to get motivated, slather on some SPF 30 and check off your summer bucket list, one download at a time.

Couch to 5k


Okay, so you’ve made it off the couch and you’re thinking, “Now what?” Enter: Couch to 5K Running App. We love it because it transforms beginners into winners when they invest just 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for just 9 weeks. Bonus: Users can select an interactive coach and share personal progress with friends and fam via Facebook. $2.99, Click here for iOS + Android

Charity Miles

Do good things. For your body and for other people, all at the same time. That’s called winning, and that’s what you get when you download Charity Miles. This activity app is next-level because it allows you to earn money for charities, based on the miles you earn during running, biking or walking. Some of the organizations benefited include Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America and Wounded Warrior Project, just to name a few. Free, Click here for iOS + Android


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Go the distance with Yonder! This app allows users to find and share tons of different outdoor excursions — all based on individual preferences. Some categories you’ll find include backpacking, skiing, biking and swimming. And the best part? Yonder functions as a social network, connecting users and enabling them to share their adventures and inspire others. Free, Click here for iOS + Android

Strava CPS Cycling + Running App

This is good, old-fashioned running and cycling, but better. Strava allows users to track running and riding with GPS, connect to devices, and join interactive challenges with other users. A little healthy competition makes miraculous motivation, if you ask me. Free, Click here for iOS + Android

Map My Run


Download MMR to unlock the holy-grail of running routes, right at your fingertips. Simply enter your zip code and sit back and be amazed (or start stretching) as MMR gifts you with all the most popular running routes nearby. With over 70 million routes, users will always have somewhere to sweat out some steam! Free, Click here for iOS + Android

Grow Something Beautiful

Click here for Top Gardening App for Android or iPhone

Map My Walk

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Don’t let the name fool you, MMW is like the sister app tp Map My Run and just as intense. It packs a punch, providing users with over 600 activities to take outdoors, including walking, cross-training and yoga. Even better? Users can use the “gear tracker” to sync with their athletic shoes that allows them to track their mileage and determine when it’s time to get a new pair. (Avoiding shoe-related injuries? Yes, please!) Free, Click here for iOS + Android


Bivy allows users to soak up sunshine a-plenty by providing 17 different types of outdoor activities, based on user location. There’s hiking, road biking, aid-climbing, sea kayaking, bouldering, canyoneering, cross-country skiing, trail-running, canoeing, trail running… The list goes on and on, and there’s something for everyone. (I am feeling more active and adventurous just reading the list of options, TBH.) Free, Click here for iOS

Don't forget the suncreen!

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