Thursday, June 7, 2018

Think Outside the (Tie) Box: The Father's Day Gifts Dads Really Want

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The one thing most dads can agree on? They really just want to spend time with their kids. This Father's Day, forgo traditional gifts. Instead, make June 18th all about fun experiences and quality time together. Here are some meaningful Father's Day gift ideas we're all about this year.

Take him to a baseball game.


Or another sporting event. Between Nascar races, horse races and golf and tennis tournaments, there's plenty of choices for sports-loving Dads.

Buy tickets to see his favorite artist in concert.


Bonus points if you score tickets to the show of a legend who rarely tours.

Go on a canoe trip.


Canoes and kayaks are relatively cheap to rent if you don't own one.

Do yard work for him.

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Give Dad a break for the weekend and tackle his outdoor projects.

Eat at his favorite restaurant...


Food and conversation make for a Father's Day well spent.

Or make his favorite meal.

It's kind of like the grown-up version of a homemade card.

Take a brewery or distillery tour.


Get your buzz on! Dads who appreciate a good brew or whiskey will enjoy a tasting tour.

Go fishing or hunting.


Spend the day in the great outdoors. Even if you don't catch anything, at least it was time spent with Dad.

Visit a car show.


Take it easy, and mosey through rows of collector cars. A monster truck rally is another great option if you can't locate a local car show.

Play golf together.


Even if you can't tee off to save your life, Dad will appreciate your company.

Hunt for vinyls.


Make a game of it, and see who can find the best bargain.

Participate in his favorite hobby.

No matter what Dad is into these days — bird watching, woodworking, gardening — get involved with something he enjoys doing.

Take a ride around a go-kart course.


Make him feel 20 years younger on a thrilling go-kart ride.

Enroll in a class together.


Whether it's cooking, music lessons or blacksmithing, sign up for an activity that Dad always wanted to master.

It's all about quality time...

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