Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Make Roman Shades

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Today we are going to learn how to make roman shades. You can change the way you view your space by simply adding window treatments. Its just another layer to dress up your space. Follow the instructions below and enjoy your new window treatments:


1. Measure the width of the window. To determine the necessary length, use this formula: divide the window length by five, and then add that number to the length of the window and add seam allowances. For example, a 35-inch long window divided by five is seven. Seven plus 35 equals 42 plus one inch for seam allowances equals 43. Cut the fabric and lining according to your measurements.

2. Pin the fabrics with right sides together and trace/cut scallops along the bottom. Sew the two pieces together, leaving about a six-inch opening along the top in the middle for turning. Snip small cuts in the seam allowances along the scallops so they lay flat, and then turn the shade right side out. Iron the edges so they're crisp and sew the opening shut.

3. Sew one side of hook and loop tape along the top edge of the shade on the lining side. Measure and mark the lining along both sides (every five inches, and then one inch, then another five inches, and then one inch) to the bottom of the shade. Fold and pin the one-inch areas to the back of the shade to create half-inch flaps. Once they are sewn in, mark along each flap every six to eight inches, depending on the width.

4. Count the number of marks along one flap and cut that many cords at least double the length of the shade plus one shade width. Use a needle to sew the cording through the flaps at the marks, starting at the bottom and working up the shade (put a large knot at the bottom to keep the cording from pulling through).

5. To keep the shade sturdy and neat, slip a wooden dowel into the bottom flap.

6. Cut the header board to the window width and staple the other side of the hook and loop tape to one narrow edge of it. Attach screw eyes to the adjoining side to line up with the cording on the shade.

7. Attach the header to the shade with the hook and loop tape; feed the cords through the screw eyes, and then tie them together at one end.

8. Screw the header board to the window frame.

Tip: If the length doesn't come out evenly, make the bottom scallops a little bit longer to make up the difference.

Check back for more ideas and enjoy your roman shades.

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