Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Your Space, Your Life!

Hi Friends,

The way you feel, the way you approach everyday life has a lot to do with your surrounds. Living in a space that you feel good about will make you feel good about you.

Gurus, motivational speakers and self-help books tell us that we project to others what we feel about ourselves. Therefore, it stands to reason that your comfort zone, your home, should be a place that makes you feel good about you. Look around your home or living space; do you feel good? When you walk in your door; is it comforting? Are you relaxed? If not, there are simple steps to change that in a fairly inexpensive and reasonable time-frame.

You can make simple, inexpensive changes to your space. Paint is the most inexpensive way to dramatically change a room. If you have white walls and not comfortable with changing to a bold color, think about neutrals like light taupe, beige or even a light gray. These colors are not over-bearing but will instantly change the look of your space.

Your living space is as important to your mental self-esteem as what you wear so take time to make your space one that makes you feel good.

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