Monday, December 11, 2017

Peacock Feather Wreath

Courtesy of Iridescent Peacock Feathers
Photography by Lori Ann

Happy Holidays Friends,

Welcome holiday guests with a wreath that shimmers. Iridescent peacock feathers add a sophisticated shimmer to this fanciful wreath.

Materials and Tools:
  • 5 peacock sword feathers
  • 5 peacock eye feathers
  • 1-2 green chandelle or turkey feather boas
  • loose green feathers
  • foam wreath form
  • green spray paint
  • spray adhesive
  • wide purple ribbon
  • Peacock Feather Sword Detail

NOTE: Peacock "sword" feathers form the sides of a male peacock's tail.

  1. Paint wreath form green and allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Coat wreath form with spray adhesive and attach feather boa (or boas) while glue is still tacky. Fill in with loose feathers until all parts of wreath form are covered with feathers. Note: Depending on fullness of feather boa, more than one may be needed to cover wreath completely. Peacock Feather Eye Detail
  3. Tuck peacock sword feathers and eye feathers into feather boa, pushing the quill ends into the foam wreath form to secure them.
  4. Wrap top of wreath with ribbon to create a hanger.

NOTE: Peacocks molt their feathers once mating season has ended. The peacock eye feather, shown above, makes up the majority of a male's characteristic fan.

Be inspired with these easy-to-follow instructions so you can create your very own iridescent peacock feather wreath; it will impress your family and friends...

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