Friday, December 8, 2017

Sea Glass Christmas Ornaments

Courtesy of Michelle Aleff

Happy Holidays Friends,

Shatterproof Christmas balls get a beachy update with the addition of sea glass in an array of watery colors. They're easier to craft than you may think and are a fun project to tackle with help from the kids.

Materials and Tools:
  • clear shatterproof Christmas balls
  • sea glass (found on beach or available at craft stores)
  • clear silicone adhesive
  • glitter spray
  • tile nips
  1. Attach sea glass to ornaments with clear silicone adhesive. It's best to attach the glass in sections, allowing time for the glue to set up in one area before moving on to the next. Tip: If ornaments will be hung, secure the caps with a drop of heavy-duty glue before adding sea glass.
  2. Continue adding sea glass to ornament, using tile nips to create small pieces, when necessary, to fit tight spaces.
  3. Add the finishing touch by lightly dusting finished ornaments with glitter spray.
To create these ornaments, Michelle followed the same steps but substituted glass gems for sea glass.

These glass chips and gems in watery colors bring a seaside touch to your holiday decorations; don't you agree?

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