Tuesday, December 16, 2014

7 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Courtesy of Kate Doherty and Amanda Kingloff (producers)
Credit: Aaron Graubart/Studio D (crafting, Jocelyn Worrall)

Merry Christmas Friends,

Featured is the Mini Yarn Wreath. Wind two pieces of yarn in different colors around a wood curtain ring. We used Bonbons yarn in lime from the Brights set and green with emerald sparkle from the Jingle Bells set ($8 for each set of 8 mini skeins, lionbrand.com). Knot the yarn and trim excess. Hot-glue the knot to the back of the ring. Pull a thread from a new piece of yarn and tie two bells to the ring. Tie a ribbon into a small bow. Hot-glue it above the bells. Hot-glue a ribbon loop to the back of the ring to hang.

Winter Scene

Use a crafts knife to cut a half-liter plastic bottle in half. String a ribbon through a wood bead and knot into a loop to hang. Hot-glue the bead to the spout. Trace the cut end of the bottle onto a piece of cardboard and a sheet of cotton batting. Cut out both circles, making the cardboard one 1/2-inch larger than what you traced. Hot-glue the batting to the cardboard. Glue tinsel around the cardboard’s edge and around the bottle’s spout. Cut tree shapes out of thin crafts foam. Cover in glitter, then hot-glue the trees to the batting. Hot-glue the bottle’s cut end to the cardboard circle.

Washer Snowflake

Super-glue a brass washer on top of a larger zinc washer. Flip it over and glue eight smaller washers around it. Flip it back over and glue eight large washers to the small ones. Flip it over again and glue eight small washers to the large ones. Loop a ribbon through a washer to hang, then cover the ribbon with an adhesive rhinestone. Stick rhinestones on the front of some of the other washers.

Toy Car With Tree

Hot-glue a mini sisal bottle brush tree ($2 for 2, factorydirectcraft.com) to the top of a toy car—we used a die-cast Mini Cooper S ($9, amazon.com). Thread a ribbon through the car windows and tie it into a bow on top of the tree. Thread another piece of ribbon under the bow and knot into a loop to hang.

Nail Polish Globe

Remove the hanging hardware from a clear glass ball ornament. Pour in nail polish and swirl it around. Let dry a few minutes, then repeat with another color. (We used Maybelline New York Color Show nail lacquer in Pink Shock, then Bold Gold). Set the ball upside-down over a paper cup to dry, then replace the hardware.


Hot-glue an empty half-pint carton closed. Trace the four sides onto scrapbook paper—we used Recollections in Green Pin Dots (59 cents per sheet, Michaels stores)—then cut the pieces out and hot-glue them to the carton. Cut out two circles—one brown paper circle and a slightly larger one in another color. Hot-glue circles to each other, then to the front of the carton. Cut a skewer to about 5 inches and push it through the carton below the circles.

To make the roof: Fold a 5 1/2-inch-by-4-inch piece of heavyweight paper—we used Pearl Wrap ($9 for 2 sheets, smockpaper.com)—in half. Unfold and make a 1/4-inch crease along one of the longer sides, then cut a slit at the halfway mark. Punch two holes through the top of the roof and thread a ribbon through to hang. Hot-glue the roof to the carton’s top. Hot-glue the bottom of the carton to a square of patterned card stock. Make a bird from red pom-poms and crafts paper, and hot-glue it to the skewer.

Painted Cube

Stick a piece of painter’s tape diagonally across each side of a wood block ($12 for 10, createforless.com). Use crafts paint to fill in one triangle on each side; let dry. Tape off a thin stripe next to each painted triangle and paint with a different color. Twist a small screw-eye into one corner of the block to hang.

Create memories as you put together these DIY ornaments - have fun...

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