Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Host a Holiday Movie Night

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Merry Christmas Friends,

This year, gather your friends and family for a fun holiday movie night party. DIYers you’ll want to start crafting the budget-friendly decorations for this bash right away. For movie buffs, nothing beats watching holiday favorites amidst friends and the comforts of home. A festive and glam private screening with cinema-style snacks is sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

Paper Serving Cones
Bright paper serving cones are simple to make, affordable and eliminate the need for flatware. Fill with popcorn, nuts or candy and place around your buffet.

Popcorn, Upgraded
One plus of a movie night at home? Better popcorn! Swap the artificial butter for fun new flavors, like peanut butter caramel and bacon-cheddar.

Mix Up a Signature Drink
For the adults at your gathering, a signature cocktail is a must. This one was inspired by the Dr. Suess classic The Grinch and includes champagne, ginger ale, bitters and mint.

Pick Your Own Candy
Fun printed bags are the perfect vessel for guests’ favorite movie theater-style candies. Set out a buffet of options and let them pick and choose.

DIY Light-Up Centerpiece
Skip the traditional centerpiece and make DIY lighted letters with a cheery saying the highlight of the table.

Movie Night Bingo
Keep guests engaged with a holiday movie bingo. Decide when to start, what movies will be playing during, the rules, and prizes before the party. When guests have their beverages and snacks and are ready to play, hand them handmade holiday movie themed bingo cards, designate a judge and begin playing! Regular bingo rules apply: The first guest to cross off items straight across or diagonally wins a prize (or just glory!).

Add Cozy Pillows and Throws
Original Holiday-Movie-Night-Blankets let guests cozy up during movie time. Place baskets or throws around the room, and deck out the sofa with comfy throw pillows. Need extra seating? Large floor pillows give some guests soft front-row seats.

Enjoy your Festive Holiday Movie Night Party...

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Merry Christmas!

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