Friday, December 19, 2014

Stylish Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Courtesy of H. Camille Smith and Briana Mowrey

Merry Christmas Friends,

You spend so much time carefully selecting just-the-right present for everyone on your list; give your gifts a professionally-wrapped look with these tips. Take a Cue From Your Tree - if you're going all out with an unusual color palette continue the scheme under the tree, too. The wrapping paper may have different patterns, but the consistent palette keeps the look harmonious.

Make It Sparkle
Metallic wrap and ribbons make any gift shine. Trendy metals such as gold, silver, copper and bronze add seasonal sparkle when paired with other colors or used alone for a monochromatic scheme. To keep your gifts from looking too matchy-matchy, combine metallic papers in fashion-forward patterns — like chevron, damask, trellis, pin stripes and polka dots.

Cheap and Chic
Recycled brown Kraft paper (which can be found in big rolls at your local craft, office supply or dollar store) is a great anytime gift wrap. Tie with twine and embellish with a pinecone and evergreen clippings from your backyard for gift wrap that's easy on the environment and your wallet.

Accentuate Your Decor
Coordinate gift wrap with your home's decor for a designer look that's easy to achieve. When selecting paper, choose stripes, solids and patterns in the same color family for a polished and fuss-free look.

Keep It Simple
Rate My Space user mrsculater prefers to limit her gift wrap to four or five paper choices max. In her words, "Creating a theme with your papers and ribbons accentuates the tree in many ways and becomes part of the entire picture."

The Holidays are perfect to get your creative juices flowing and the energy going - check back with us for more great decorating ideas...

Happy Holidays from your friends at Interior Design.

Merry Christmas!

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