Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How to Make Elegant Stenciled Napkins

Courtesy of Marian Parsons

Happy Thanksgiving Friends,

Classic white napkins can easily be dressed up for special holidays with a stencil and washable fabric paint. The creative options and themes are limitless.

Materials Needed:
iron and ironing board
white cotton or linen napkins
acrylic craft paint in desired color(s)
fabric medium

stencil bottle with foam brush top
masking tape (optional)

Wash and Press Napkins
Follow cleaning instructions on napkins. Wash, dry and iron smooth.

Position Stencil
Place stencil in desired location on napkin and hold firmly or tape in place.
Tip: Choose a stencil that is sized appropriately for the napkin so the design will be visible when the napkin is folded.

Paint Stencil
Mix acrylic craft paint and fabric medium in bottle with foam brush top following manufacturer's instructions for mix ratio. Screw on top. Press down on foam brush gently until paint comes out. Pounce brush gently over stencil to fully fill in design. Do not use too much paint or it will bleed under stencil.

Remove Stencil
Lift stencil straight off of napkin, so painted design doesn't smear. Allow paint to dry. Launder according to manufacturer's instructions.
Tip: Add ribbon trim, rickrack or buttons for additional customization.

Classic white napkins can also be classy when stenciled with a monogram or your family surname. Go the extra mile and think outside the box, not only for the Holidays but all year long.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Interior Design!

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