Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adult Easter Box

Courtesy of Abigail Barnes
Photography by Abigail Barnes

Hi Friends,

Make the ultimate adult Easter basket with fun gifts inside. Spray paint an old wooden crate in your desired color. Let dry, and attach a cute pennant banner to the front. To make the banner, cut triangles from black cardstock or scrapbook paper, and write a letter on each triangle using a chalkboard pen. Glue the pennants to a strand of baker's twine, and tie or glue the twine ends to the crate. Fill the box with gifts like wine, glasses and chocolate to give to friends and neighbors.

Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas - skip the traditional basket this Easter, and check back with us over the next week to make one of the clever ideas that are perfect for all ages.

Have a wonderful Easter with the people that mean the most; family and good friends...

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