Monday, March 21, 2016

Stenciled Tote Bag

Courtesy of Abigail Barnes

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Skip the traditional basket and make a personalized stenciled tote bag to carry Easter goodies. Hand out totes with personalized stencil patterns as creative Easter egg hunt baskets that double as party favors that guests can use all year long. Get the full instructions here>>

Materials Needed:
freezer paper
fabric paint
paint brush
X-Acto knife
tote bag
coordinating ribbon
painter's tape
hot glue gun and sticks

Print Out Design
Using your computer, lay out your name and desired graphics onto a piece of paper that will fit the scale of your bag. Print out your final design.

Create Stencil
Affix the printout to a piece of freezer paper — shiny side down — and a cutting mat using painter's tape. Cut the stencil design carefully with an X-Acto knife.

Iron On Freezer Paper
Iron your freezer paper — shiny side down — to the center of the tote.

Apply Fabric Paint
Slip a piece of cardboard or a few sheets of paper into your tote to create a hard surface to work on. Gently dap a small amount of fabric paint on the stencil area using a foam brush. Let dry.

Peel Freezer Paper
Peel back the freezer paper from the tote (image 1). Create a handle with ribbon and attach with hot glue. Fill the tote with Easter treats (image 2).

Have a wonderful Easter with the people that mean the most; family and good friends...

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