Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Silver Spoon Christmas Ornament

Courtesy of HGTV

Happy Holidays Friends,

Create sparkling ornaments with vintage silverware and a bit of bling.

  • vintage spoon
  • metal primer spray paint
  • silver spray paint
  • hand-held drill
  • drill bit created specifically for metal
  • craft glue
  • faux gems
  • ribbon
  1. Spray spoon first with primer, covering the entire surface front and back. The primer will allow the spray paint to properly adhere. Once primer is dry, spray-paint spoon, front and back, with silver spray paint. Allow paint to thoroughly dry.
  2. Using a drill bit created specifically for metal, drill hole into end of handle.
  3. Embellish bowl of spoon with faux gems attached with craft glue. Insert ribbon through hole in handle and tie to create a loop for hanging ornament on Christmas tree.
Gives a new meaning to born with a silver spoon...

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