Monday, February 27, 2017

Framing Mirrors with Crown Molding

Courtesy of HGTV

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A bad, boxy room gets new life with cool new architectural details.

Tools and Materials:
  • laser level
  • pneumatic nail gun
  • table saw or chop saw
  • measuring tape
  • five 20"x20" polished mirrors
  • crown molding
  • wood glue
  • glazing points
  1. Lay out mirrors on a flat surface where they will not be damaged. Measure dimensions around mirrors to determine how much molding you will need.
  2. Using the chop saw, cut molding to fit around the mirrors like a picture frame. With the table saw, cut a groove on the back of the frame for the mirror to sit in. The grooves should be the same depth as the thickness of the mirror.
  3. Nail and glue the frame of the mirror together. Once this has dried, attach the mirror to the frame with the glazing points.
  4. Determine where the mirrors will be hung along the wall and measure, making sure they are evenly spaced and level. Use a nail gun to secure the mirrors to the wall.
This easy-to-do project is perfect for this weekend...

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