Friday, February 24, 2017

Oversized Art Pieces That Prove Bigger Can Be Better

Courtesy of Bridget Mallon
Richard Leo Johnson

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a cluster of coordinating frames. Instead of a cluster of corrdinating frames, let one eye-catching piece of artwork do all the talking. There's something undeniably cool about this style — just check out the 6 examples below.

The black-and-white color palette lends a sense of simplicity to this zebra artwork, but its large size makes it impossible to look away.

Van Chaplin; Styling By: Jan Gautro

Oversized doesn't always equal loud, as this serene-yet-statement-making piece proves.

Sarah Stacey

Woven wall hangings are becoming increasingly more popular, and this brightly colored version perfectly accents the vibrant room in which it hangs.

Pairing a large piece of artwork with a low bed is a stylish alternative to a higher headboard.

Scott Hargis Photo

If you're apprehensive about hanging such a big piece of art, simply leaning it against the wall is the perfect alternative. The look is equal parts low-key and high-impact.

Flynnside Out Productions

Art with a 3D element may seem like it could overpower your space, but it actually creates a stunning look, as long as it's the singular statement piece in the room.

It turns out a single piece of high-impact art can be just as stylish as a perfectly curated gallery wall.

Here's to your oversized are pieces...

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