Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Make a Framed Child's Silhouette

Courtesy of Marian Parsons

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A framed silhouette is a classic keepsake and makes a thoughtful Christmas, birthday or Mother's Day gift. A digital camera, computer and printer make this centuries-old craft a snap.

Materials Needed:
  • digital camera
  • computer
  • printer
  • printer paper
  • black card stock
  • cream mat board
  • frame
  • craft knife
  • scissors
  • cutting mat
  • craft glue
  • black permanent marker or paint pen
  • ruler
Take Photo
Use a digital camera to take a profile photo of child; have the subject stand in front of a window or other light source to create a strong, clearly defined profile.

Print Photo
Upload image file to your computer and print photo onto standard printer paper to appropriate size for frame. Example: For a 5" x 7" frame, print a 5" x 7" photo or print a 4" x 6" photo if you'd prefer a slightly smaller scale silhouette. Tip: The smaller the image, the harder it will be to cut around facial features.

Cut Out Silhouette
Place printed photo over black card stock and cut away background from printed image leaving only the subject's silhouette.

Cut Mat
Use a craft knife to cut cream mat board to fit frame. Tip: Use cardboard backing included with frame as a template.

Glue Silhouette Using a ruler, determine the center of mat and mark center. Apply craft glue to back side of silhouette. Tip: Keep glue away from silhouette's edges to prevent excess from squeezing out. Center silhouette, then gently press down and hold in place while glue adheres.

Label Silhouette
Use a fine-tipped permanent marker or paint pen to label and date the silhouette. Allow ink and glue to fully dry before placing in frame. Tip: Silhouettes don't have to be black; consider using colorful or patterned paper for a modern and playful interpretation.

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