Thursday, June 2, 2016

$10 Drop Cloth Curtains

Courtesy of Laura Lei, The Unique Nest

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One of the greatest parts of the home is this amazing front porch. A large opening porch space to relax and unwind is perfect for those spring and summer days. However, the sun can become so intense that it makes it difficult to sit out. If you don't have the budget for large custom roll shades or the maintenance and installation costs then this is the answer.

Traditionally used for painting, drop cloths are the alternative to expensive Pottery Barn style outdoor curtains.

Purchase four 6'x9' drop cloths and all the necessary mounting hardware. Here's what you need...

1. One drop cloth per end of your curtain rod. Each cloth cost about $10.

2. Support brackets to hold up the copper piping used to create a custom and unique rod or opt to purchase ready-made rods complete with hardware.

3. To make hanging these outdoor curtains a cinch purchase clip rings in an aged bronze finish, as you see here or finish best for your decor. These will also come in handy should you ever need to wash the drop cloths, but for the price it might be cheaper and easier to just purchase a new drop.

4. Two 10' sections of 3/4" copper pipe which will become your custom curtain rod or the feet needed for your space. Copper pipes are available in longer pieces and a lot of stores will trim the pipe to your desired length.

A great project to take on when you're not looking for hard work, just major impact.


Love the way these turned out! It is a really easy project and adds quite a bit of curb appeal...

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