Sunday, June 5, 2016

Turn Solar Lights Into an Outdoor Table Centerpiece

Courtesy of Thrifty and Chic/Hometalk Highlights

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Problems with getting better lighting out on my patio. Candles melt...batteries have to be replaced on outdoor, next the next option on the list was not surprising; solar lights. Here's what Alicia with Thrifty & Chic did to make them pop!

Cost: $5

Before: Boring ol' solar lights.

Take these boring solar lights that can be found for under $1, remove the bottom portion of them, then unscrewed the top black piece from the clear part and spray painted them. Used some painter's tape on the solar part to ensure no paint gets onto it.

Placing the lights in a block of wood added pop and the much needed light.

Find some old wood, paint them, and drill some holes into the top with a drill bit that was the same size as the light stem.

Place the lights in the wood and voila! A great way to add some light and decor to any porch or patio.

Enjoy the Alfresco life...

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