Saturday, June 18, 2016

Create Fractured, Framed Map Art

Courtesy of Brian Patrick Flynn

Hi Friends,

Put a modern spin on map art with a multi-frame application.

Materials Needed:
  • large scale map
  • picture frames in assorted shapes and sizes
  • scissors
  • painter's tape
  • measuring tape
  • marker
  • ladder
  • L-square
  • picture hangers
  • hammer

Create Frame Layout

On a flat, level surface, unfurl the map, then lay frames out in desired formation.

Mark Frames to Map

Use a marker to indicate the four corners of each frame directly on the map.

Trace Frames With L-Square

Referring to marks made for corners, use an L-square to fully trace the shape of frames directly on the surface of the map.

Cut Map

Using the traced shape of the frames as a guide, cut portions of the map to size with scissors.

Place Cut Portions Into Frames

As each portion of the map is cut to size, place it into its corresponding frame.

Attach Original Map to Wall

Once all portions have been cut from the map, use the original map as a guide to mark where each frame will be installed by holding it up, then securing it to the wall with painter's tape.

Assign Letters With Painter’s Tape

In order to mark where each framed portion of the map will be hung, use painter's tape along the top edge of where each frame will be positioned. Next, assign corresponding letters to the painter's tape as well as the backs of each of the frames.

Mark Placement of Picture Hangers

Remove the original map from the wall. Next, use measuring tape to determine the center point of each piece of painter's tape, then mark using a marker. Once marks are made, remove painter's tape.

Attach Picture Hangers, Then Hang

Referring to marks made with marker, attach picture hangers to the wall. Once securely fastened, place each frame directly onto picture hanger until all frames are properly positioned.

Put a spin on the artwork by marking all the places you and the family have been over the years, perfect to share with friends and a great conversation pieces - a twist on the old photo album. Enjoy...

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