Monday, June 13, 2016

Eating Healthy at a Party

Compliments of Jay Kerwin

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Nutrition expert Jay Kerwin explains how to make healthy choices at the buffet table.

Try eating a little something before the party so you don't arrive starving and binge on junk food. A handful of almonds is a good choice because the fat in them takes the edge off your hunger.

  • You should eat only as much as will fit into your cupped hands. Portion control is essential.

  • Serve a proper portion while going through the line, and eat from your plate rather than constantly returning to the table so you can keep track of how much you have had.

  • At a breakfast buffet, try one pancake with applesauce instead of a stack of cakes with butter and syrup. This cuts the calories in half. A regular cheese-and-bacon omelet has 250 calories. An egg white omelet with veggies has only 76 calories. If you do have a regular omelet, eat only half.

  • If you are served chicken at a restaurant, remove the skin before eating to save a significant number of calories.

  • A single chicken wing has 200 calories and a single Swedish meatball has 85 calories. Fill up instead on veggies and dip.

  • Choose wisely with chicken. Dark meat with gravy is about 208 calories per piece. Skinless white meat without gravy is only 117 calories.

  • Spinach dip has about 338 calories, while plain sautéed spinach has 106. If you face something creamy or fried, just have a little bit. Don't eat the whole portion.

  • Try and drink plenty of water so you'll feel full.

These are just suggestions for healthy choices at a buffet table. We are certain many of you have some of your own suggestions you can share with us too; look forward to hearing from you.

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